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Ron Miller


April 4, 2014

7 Ideas for Your Cinco de Mayo Promotion

April 4, 2014 | By |

Cinco de Mayo isn’t just for Mexican restaurants

You don’t have to have a Mexican restaurant to want to capitalize on the fun of a Cinco de Mayo celebrations. It’s right around the corner so if you’d like to do a promotion, it’s time to start planning. Here are 7 things you can do to draw in customers and have your own Fifth of May party!

Cinco de Mayo graphic

1. Add some Mexican entreés to your menu. It doesn’t matter your concept, adding some tacos is easy — anything can be put into a taco shell. If you want to get more inventive, there are a million tastes from south of the border that are worth a try. Tortilla Soup, Red Rice, Chipotle Chicken or try Cochinita Pabil. If you don’t know much about Mexican cuisine, I recommend Rick Bayless’ Mexican Kitchen as a great place to start.

2. Create some specialty margaritas. Margaritas are one of the most popular cocktails in America…and Mexico. Think of the basic rita as a blank slate and be creative. What could you add? Any fruit works but what else? Cinnamon? Ginger? Try googling “Innovative Margarita Recipes”.

3. Bring in some Mexican beers. Mexico is famous for their beer. Ask your supplier what you can bring in on special. Some of the most readily available are Tecate, Sol, Carta Blanca, Dos Equis, Modelo Especial, Victoria, Negra Modelo, Corona, and Estrella.

4. Nothing says Cinco de Mayo the way live music does.

5. Whatever you do, you should start promoting now on social media. Let your fans know that you are doing something special for Cinco de Mayo. Consider getting them involved with surveys and contests.

6. Just because the name implies a one day affair, you don’t have to make it so. Cinco de Mayo can be celebrated all week long! This is an especially good idea if you live in one of the cities that has puts on a big celebration. Your customers may already have plans on the 5th but your party can be ready when they are.

7. Don’t stop with the food. Cinco de Mayo is a full-on cultural event. From costumes to folk dance to crafts, Mexican culture is full of great ideas for your event. What can you do to draw people in besides your great food and a drink special?

Good luck with your Mexican celebration!

>> We’ve created three images that you can use in your Facebook posts to announce your Cinco de Mayo specials. Just download and post them to Facebook. They’re free and you can download each by clicking on the thumbnail image:

Cinco de Mayo Tools from WhenToManage   Cinco de Mayo Tools from WhenToManage   Cinco de Mayo Tools from WhenToManage



March 24, 2014

What’s WhenToManage About? Click To Join A Webinar!

March 24, 2014 | By |

Always wanted to know what WhenToManage does to help restaurants create happier managers, owners and employees? Aside from a free popsicle app on Fridays (which we should probably start working on anyway), our solution team is conducting four webinars to give you and your team an introduction to our solutions and services. Click on one of the links below to choose the session that works for you:

  1. March 27th - Registration Web Link:
  2. April 3rd - Registration Web Link:
  3. April 10th - Registration Web Link:
  4. April 17th - Registration Web Link:

These sessions are quick, and to the point. Lasting no longer than 30 minutes, you’ll get a good grasp of the basics of our solutions and how they empower your POS and operations. We look forward to seeing you there!



February 17, 2014

Why We Do Things – Simon Sinek

February 17, 2014 | By |

At WhenToManage, we constantly ask ourselves why we do what we do? But the process by which we engage as a team (and our brains) has changed, especially with the upcoming launch of our Peach platform. Instead of looking at a feature and determining what it does, how we make it and why we should, we pull back, think deeply and consider why would we create it? We didn’t just make up this way of thinking, we actually learned it (and believe us, it is profound). Have you ever heard of Simon Sinek and the Golden Circle? Check out his TED talk below!

YouTube Preview Image


January 13, 2014

Isn’t A Franchise System, All About The System?

January 13, 2014 | By |



Remember when SixSigma was all the rage? When was the last time it was brought up in a meeting? Half of the people there would probably have no idea what you were talking about… But the concept of process improvement is no secret to restaurant franchisors. To be frank, the dirty little secret about franchise development, is that the system is what makes or breaks a franchise! We’ve had the privilege to talk with several franchisors and, without sharing any system secrets, here are the top five factors they bring up when using (or considering) WhenToManage…

  1. Enterprise Approach – the WhenToManage platform has, at its core, a top-down approach. A lot of systems do. However, with WhenToManage the store manager also has some flexibility when creating management systems for a particular location. For example, the count sheet can be modified to account for different storage options at the location. In addition, no manager is created equal… A franchisee has the ability to set the controls, per manager type, to control what a manager can do, or not. The point is, with WhenToManage, one can set the guidelines, and then allow a manager to work within.
  2. Checklists Galore – have you set up your FREE manager LOG account yet? Almost every franchisor we’ve talked to mentions one word – compliance! Every restaurant needs to have a good handle on the systems and processes and how well they are being executed. Is location A performing as well as location B? Are they keeping cleaning logs? What about staff training, did they complete the last round? The life-blood of a restaurant is the checklist!
  3. Speaking of Training and Development – WhenToManage isn’t the type of company holding your franchisees hostage for ongoing training and implementation fees! Yes, we have a some thoughts on paying for our time, but all that can be developed upfront, and only once (potentially = depends on the client and operation). Our goal is to pass off the implementation roadmap. We aren’t the only know-it-alls in the room! We want your tech or op team to have the keys to adjusting the solution, and making an impact.
  4. One-To-Managedid you ever read this post about how one of our customers wanted to rename our company? Great post, if I do say so myself… What franchisors like about WhenToManage is that we are the full back-office solution: labor, inventory and reporting solutions. However, did you know we can back-fill data from a prior POS system? Did you know we can support multiple concepts at one time? Did you know we can support multiple POS systems? Did you know we can send data to a SQL database? Did you know we can create custom solutions (a lot more on that with our Peach platform).
  5. Vision – our goal is to keep innovating, and updating our project analysis (sales) processes, deployment programs and technology to always keep pace with the fast-moving franchise developers out there. We try to keep our hires to the best in the business. In other words, we seek innovators in the restaurant tech space. Most of our team members are former operators, and in many cases users. As you can imagine, we aren’t shy about sharing our opinions! So feel free to share yours by contacting our VP of Sales – Walker Thompson – at! And again, be sure to read about Peach!


December 17, 2013

It’s No Secret, We Are A Spreadsheet Killer

December 17, 2013 | By |


Is this world full of too many spreadsheets? We seem to be asking ourselves that daily when speaking with our customers. One key request we hear from managers researching our application and services: can you help me dump all these spreadsheets? Oh yes, and more…

Even some of the larger, multi-store, operators we work with rely on managers spending hours in front of spreadsheets detailing sales figures, inventory accountability and more. In this example, the spreadsheet becomes the work. Data entry, in other words, becomes the focus of a managers job, and not the important stuff like guest management, marketing and employee training. If you’re an owner reading this, what would you rather see your managers doing?

And it isn’t just data that gets in the way of a manager’s job, spreadsheets, bless their hearts, become the ever important checklist and inventory counting tool! OMG! So instead of using the FREE WhenToManage Log app, you’re relying on the same old spreadsheets… Why not go back to using an accounting ledger book? OK, that might be a little harsh, but the right technology can replace so many manual tasks, for example:

What about this concept that saved 70% on their labor costs? Their solution? Use a more automated alert system to account for potential overtime expenses.

How about tracking modifiers and usage based on sales with this idea from our Director of Account Services, Jim McGinty.

There are so many ideas here! Oh, and if you need to still use a spreadsheet, don’t worry, we make that available too!